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Business Philosophy 

[I] Manage idea
We dedicate to establishing the eternal famous enterprise and brand. We arouse the spirit of pioneer and creativity. We do our best to promote our brands and pursue benefits. We will abide by the credit and the law to manage the company. We will insist the profit be the first, to strength the cost account, and to optimize resource distribution in order to pursue the maximum profit.

[II] manage police
Credit is the base of our management. We pursue the reciprocity and abide by the mercantile moral. We will provide the qualified products and do after service with all our whole heart. We will construct the world-famous brand and international first-class enterprise. We will shape new culture, perfect new mechanism, and create new predominance, and realize new development, respect talents, and reflect personalities. All above is the base of our long-term development.


 [III] Development goalWe will Carry forward the spirit of persistent development, and create new situation of fast and hyper-normal development. We will found the enterprise image full of energy and young sprit, and promote the development in the manage faith of “ Health, Credit, Exploitation and creativity” for realizing the modernization of management and internationalization of distribution.

[IV] Enterprise spritThe soul of the corporation lie in the “Chariness and Creativity in Everything and Everyday”. Chariness is to spend all of power and intelligence and the creativity refer to the creativity in the thoughts, mechanism and management. Everything and Everyday refer to the perseverance and progress. All the stuff must insist the enterprise sprit and draw together to built the first-class enterprise in the domestic biological industry and the large enterprise with domestic and international competitiveness. 

[V] Enterprise tenetTo create Biological fine works for the people and to create happy life for the stuff. The purpose of the exist and development of our enterprise is to provide excellent product and service and to provide favorable working environment and life treatment.

[VI] Enterprise valuesEveryone answer for the corporation and the corporation answer for everyone is the faith and rule of all the stuff. The core is to arouse the sprit of respecting works and dedication. Do one's duty conscientiously must gain the care, help and respect from the corporation and realize one’s values.

[VII] Administration IdeaSimpleness, speediness, preciseness and efficiency. Simpleness is the rational structure, tidy rank and compendious police. Speediness is the fast response, action and feedback. Preciseness is the serious and careful attitude. Efficiency is to pursuer working efficiency in order to get the twice work with a half effort.

[VIII] Service IdeaThe object of service is the market and client. Service must perform in all side in the enterprise actions. Service is only better not to have it best. We will service for the client with all our hearts.

[IX] Personnel IdeaAppropriate position for appropriate person. One can exert his greatest fuction only if he was in his right position. We will give the opportunity and space to the capable and practical people.

[X] Distribution Idea
The reward is distributed according to the contribution and the principle of impartiality. The stuff who Make the outstanding contributions will receive the ample rewards.

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