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Shandong Futianzhengda group,our products are exported to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East. Our main scope,is import and export business, agricultural and sideline products, animal husbandry equipment, feed grain and oil, pet supplies, feed additives, ecological agriculture, green planting, green food, the company based on the resource advantage, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit, pragmatic and dedicated to forge ahead and to the health of "integrity" "innovation" business philosophy. To realize the modernization of enterprise management, sales management, internationalization of capital market, extend the extension of industrial docking, even bigger and stronger, covering the international market, enhance the brand, abide by integrity, the pursuit of efficiency. Enhance brand awareness, implement brand strategy, expand market share. Establish good faith, operate in accordance with the law, to Dexing enterprises. Adhere to the supremacy of benefit, strengthen cost accounting, optimize the allocation of resources, abide by business ethics, quality and quantity to provide trustworthy products for users, the pursuit of excellence, perfect mechanism, create new advantages, to achieve a new leap, respect for talent, personality is our long-term development of the cause of the. Shandong Futian group for the development of enterprises to make outstanding contributions of all the staff, my best congratulations and cordial greetings to the group, and Futian 'sincere cooperation, common prosperity with our customers, pay tribute and best wishes for many years, to give a warm caring support from all walks of life, as well as foreign men and women with high ideals. Friends. Sincere thanks and welcome you to the Futian group, work hard every day, innovation is the soul and essence of enterprise culture group. The point is "hard work" and "innovation", the key is "every piece" and "every day."". "Hard work" is to devote all the heart, effort and mind; innovation is thinking innovation, mechanism innovation, science and technology innovation, management innovation; "every thing", "every day" is persistent and enterprising. In the distribution system, fully embodies the principle of distribution, more work means more ", effectively stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. Highlight the "people-oriented" management idea in the internal management, adhere to the "bulls simultaneously, corporate governance, strict management, management increase, all staff should carry forward the spirit of enterprise, unite, down-to-earth, be enthusiastic and press on keeping pace with the times, build the company into the vanguard of National Bio Industry, has become the international competitiveness of China large enterprises.

Futian group enterprise: Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co., Ltd., Rongcheng Haixing Fuda Masada Estuary Fisheries Biology feed Limited company, Binzhou Futian Zhengda Agricultural Development Company Limited, Dalian Tianyi Trading Co., Ltd. and Binzhou Liangyu marine biological technology limited company, Binzhou benefits is pet equipment limited. Since the establishment of the company, always adhere to the "quality first, reputation first" business principles, products are exported to Southeast Asia, European countries, the company has been rated as "star enterprise of Binzhou city", the company in accordance with the internal management, development of external markets ", accelerating the pace of enterprise development. In the organizational structure, in order to adapt to the development of the market, the rapid establishment of a cutting-edge marketing team, the company's internal set up, international business, international marketing, the international information department, the international advertising planning department. Front edge will continue to be the world's major customer base, set up offices, so that our products as soon as possible, you have to understand, as soon as possible to get your feedback. The management company shall be delegated the power of management, and use human rights to control the decision-making departments. Truly establish the departments of coordination, checks and balances, organic unity, healthy and orderly operation mechanism, so that the company's management has become increasingly perfect, based on local resource advantages, to meet a more brilliant future.






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